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— Get hitched how you want, to hell with the rest. Our M-O. And we hold this at our core. Your day is your day. Believe it.


We hold this at our core.

Your day is your day. Believe it.


Question everything. Be steadfast in your beliefs and why you do the things you do.

This ethos is ever prominent in our minds, and is applied to everything in our lives, including our photography. It’s what keeps us creating, and finding new and unique things when we shoot, even in the familiar.

We’re going encourage you and your partner to adopt this mindset, even partially, when it comes to planning your wedding.

At this point you’ve probably been told a myriad of things you “have” to do for your wedding. Timelines. Jewellery. Florals. Venues. Time of year. Time of day. Who to invite. Who not to. Who your mother expects you to. Sounds like a lot of minds weighing in about a day that concerns you two, right?


There’s two elements we look for when shooting: big fun and big mood. From art portraits to documentary candids there’ll be at least one of these at play, overlaid with our signature post-processing and grading.

We’re going to focus on capturing the real, as it happens, as you are, using light and composition to our advantage, and foster situations where you can be comfortable and real with one another.

Every shoot is a collaboration between us and you. We’re excited to hear your thoughts on how we can create something new and unique with you.




We’re going to shoot your elopement / wedding with you, the real you, the perfect you, in mind. We want to capture who you are with the person you love, and how you love. Because everyone loves differently. Your way is totally unique, and admittedly, it can be difficult to capture in a frame. But this is what we’ve built Kings & Thieves around. By always being tapped in to our emotions, it allows us to truly capture the real.

The day you get hitched to your significant other is a day for you two. Nobody else. This is significant not only regarding this day, but as a starting point of the rest of your lives together.

Above all else, plan this day in a way that truly suits you and the human being that loves you most.


You are a fucking incredible human being, filled to the brim with purpose and meaning. And we want every image of you to be rich with the reflection of these facts.

We’re all human. Emotionally-driven ones at that. And as such, we’re super-tuned to read the emotions of others through body language and vibes. This is what we hope to capture for you. We want every photo we deliver to be emotionally rich, and true to the day.

You are totally unique. And if that voice inside your head is telling you otherwise, well, it’s wrong. You are filled with so much that makes you, you. And the way you celebrate your love and matrimony is just as unique.